ECU & Induction


Roller Barell Throttle Bodies

3D Designed, CFD optimized and dyno developed  for max torque, power and responce. Tested on 4 cyl N/A engines from 120 to 320 bhp with excelllent results

Same dimensions as Weber DCOE 45 = fits most manifolds.

Can be used with cylinder(manifold)  c:c from 90-120

(Use with Sequential Injection and 1.2ms Deadtime settings)

Sold as a complete kit with everything included:

2 pairs Roller Throttel Bodies

Lightweight Air Horns 60mm length

4 x Bosch 900cc fuel injectors

Fuel Rail with integrated 3.5Bar regulator.

Custom Motorsport TPS Sensor

Throttle Wire and bracket.

Price: 29.500kr 

Made in Sweden

ECU & Dash package

This package combines our ECU with a CD5 dash and  our custom settings for a flawless perrformance.


4 or 6 cylinders.

6 Fuel Injector outputs

6 Ignition Coil outputs

Internal 4 Bar MAP sensor

Optimized CAN conection to the DASH

USB programing connctor for PC

Compact size (120x100x36, weight 340g)


5" Display

Very high contrast, readable in sunlight.

4 different display pages

Logging and GPS sensor

Compact size (145x105x50, weight 350g)

Connectors included, wiring harness optional.

Total price  35.000kr