Porsche Parts


Porsche 911 3.0 RSR Cylinder Head

Cast in RR350 alloy, CNC machined.

- Fully CNC machined.

- 78cc combustion chamber. 

- 86mm Head bolt spacing to suit SC.

- 43mm Inlet port.

- 41mm D-shaped Exhaust port

- 49mm Inlet Valves, 7mm stem

- 41.5mm Exh Valves, 7mm stem

- Valve springs for up to 15mm lift

- Reinforced lower cooling flanges

- Lapped cylinder sealing surface

- Twin 12mm sparkplugs

- Machined for MFI injector.

- O-ring sealed inlet port

 150.000kr + Moms  (6 heads)


Porsche 911 Forged rocker arms

Forged from chrome moly steel.

- Forged to early rocker arm shape.

- Long cam follower pad.

- DLC coated wear surface.

- High strength bronze bushings.

- OEM elephant foot adjusters.

  30.000kr + Moms  (12 pcs)

Porsche 911 race Silencer

Made entirely from Stainless Steel.

Many 100 hours of dyno and real world testing.

Used on all our race engines.

Removable decibel reducing insert.


 22.000kr + Moms