Design & Manufacturing
Verkstan (2)
Lyft 10-5mm

Design and manufacturing

We can handle most prototypes and batch production inhouse with our extensive machine tools. 

Parts usually start their life in Solidworks 3D CAD and get optimized with the help of FEM and CFD simulation.

Camshafts are designed from scratch with prioprietary software and are cnc-ground and manufactured through our european network. We can design camshaft for all valvetrain geometries and applications.  

Our flowbench is used after CNC-porting cylinder heads, to verify that the CFD simulations and real life matches up.

We have a complete Electonics lab with an 8 channel MSO for design testing and verification + Inhouse Altium PCB design software and embedded workbench for u-controller programing.

Machine Tools.

4 axis Niigata Horisontal Machining center with 133 Tools

4 axis VMA CNC Toolroom mill

3 axis CNC Toolroom mill

2 axis FEMCO CNC Lathe 

Component tumbler

MIRA Valve seat cutter

Manual Lathes

Manual Milling machines

Tig/MIG and MMA welders

Ultrasonic and hot water cleaners

Complete electronics lab with 8 channel MSO

3D Printer with 500x500 envelope