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Porsche 911 RSR
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Rally and Race engines

We work with a lot of different engines. Mainly Ford Pinto, Porsche 911 RSR, Cosworth BDG.

Our design philosohpy is to make the torque curve as wide as possible while still keeping a high top end power. 

Below is a sample spec on one of our Pinto rally engines:

Pinto 2400cc EFI Roller Throttle (270bhp)

This 'kit car' version based on stock Ford Pinto castings offers superior torque and response, optimized for the most demanding rally and racing applications.

* Our spec crankshaft, rods and pistons

* CNC ported and extensively modified stock head

* Hastech camshaft and valvetrain components

* Hastech m58 Roller Barell Throttle Bodies

* Hastech Sequential injection ECU

* Dry Sump oiling system

* 5" Dash with GPS and logging

Dyno tested, ready to race