Based in the middle of Sweden and with an extensive experience in Engine tuning and Engineering we have the possibility to service our customers with a wide range of solutions.

Inhouse capabilities.

* 3D Cad design incl flow & FEA sim.

* CNC machining (milling & turning)

* 3D Printing for rapid prototypes

* Camshaft profile design

* Flowbench testing

* Engine dyno

* Electronics PCB design Software

* U-controller programing 

* Electronics LAB incl 8-channel MSO


Component sourcings.

* Top quality aluminium castings

* Steel forgings for ex rocker arms

* Exhaust systems

* Crankshafts & Conrods

* Camshafts and cam followers

* Steel or Titanium Valves

* Printed circuit boards

* Cable harnesses

Ford Cosworth BDG .

Porsche 911 RSR 3.0

Ford Pinto 2400cc